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Where Past is Prologue

For generations and across cultures, experiences have begun with the tradition of “Breaking Bread.” At Prologue Dining & Drinks, the signature restaurant at Trilith Guesthouse, the tapestry of our story is woven with tapas and small plates, tableside presentations and shared appetizers, guided by the genuine hospitality of the South.

Trilith Guesthouse

A hotel designed not to rest the weary but to awaken the storyteller within. Set in the heart of Town at Trilith and home to Trilith Studios, we immerse our guests in a scene and story of their own making.

Oliver's Twist

Experience a touch of whimsical English charm at our European-inspired rooftop oasis, where classic tales unfold. Indulge in elevated pub fare while savoring stunning views from the fifth floor of Trilith Guesthouse.

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Thank you for your interest in dining at Prologue Dining & Drinks. We look forward to welcoming you around our tables.