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Set the Scene at Prologue

The story begins at Prologue Dining & Drinks. With inspiration at every turn in the Town at Trilith, your catalyst for culinary creativity awaits. Our menu pays tribute to the diverse tapestry of Southern heritage, featuring locally sourced ingredients that celebrate the flavors and traditions of the region. We invite you to step into our narrative, where the joy of breaking bread intertwines with stories of food and culture, and where every dish shares a unique tale.


Immerse yourself in a fusion of rich flavors paired with the joy of shared meals and a touch of Southern charm. Here, culinary artistry takes center stage, crafting tales steeped in history that are savored with each exquisite dish and drink. Your journey begins at our table, where stories come to life through the magic of inspired dining.

Private Dining

Follow the script or write your own narrative. Whether you’re craving a quieter space to unleash your creativity or an intimate setting for a special moment, our team is here to make your vision a reality.


Proudly serving as the signature restaurant at Trilith Guesthouse, Prologue continues the world’s age-old tradition of “Breaking Bread” with tapas and small plates, tableside presentations and shared appetizers – all accompanied by the warmth of Southern hospitality.